Champagne Sanger à Avize

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our heritage

our past

The history of our Champagne House is intertwined with the history of the Champagne region: in the late 1800s, Grape Phylloxera, a microscopic louse, almost completely destroyed the vineyards of Champagne. Solidarity quickly took hold and motivated local farmers to work together to rebuild their common heritage. 

It is in this context that Sanger was founded in 1952. It was birthed out of the work of sixteen winegrowers, all alumni of the same school, who decided to join forces and create our brand. These men, our very own ‘Founding Fathers’ had lived through the hardships of WWII and quickly grasped the importance of sharing their experiences in order to work well together. Together, they created an independent winemaking cooperative within their school. Their objective was to pass down their precious production and marketing tools as well as their expertise to subsequent generations.

our present

Pronounced ‘sans-guerre’ (meaning ‘without war’), the brand name SANGER is no mistake. It is the echo of the spirit of SANGER, breathed into the business by our Founding Fathers and still resonating in us today.

 Our name inspires each of our cuvées, which are all produced with an environmentally conscious attitude. Our name is also our guide. It is how we share with you what makes us proud: the HERITAGE & FUTURE of CHAMPAGNE. 

It is what gets us out of bed every single morning: our insatiable desire to share our knowledge and our noble, generous and unique wines of Champagne.



our knowledge

Most of our Founding Fathers came from the Montagne de Reims area and mainly brought with them the grape variety known as Pinot Noir from neighbouring villages such as Ambonnay and Verzy. Thanks to them and to other supporters (who were all alumni of the same school); our students at Avize Viti Campus now have all the necessary tools to learn about Champagne and its production techniques.

knowledge Know where you have come from to know where you are going. Uniting tradition and modernity.

Eco-friendly winemaking All our cuvées are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Time We allow our cuvées the time to rest and age while respecting their origins and purity.


In our cooperative, our students have learnt from our ancestors from the Champagne region, who have passed down their knowledge to the following generations. Thanks to their generosity and our cooperative, SANGER is now recognized as a ‘Champagne by the people of Champagne’. The diversity of our geography, terroir and social makeup along with a good dose of solidarity is what gives Sanger’s champagne its incomparable character.


our promise


At SANGER, we follow a simple philosophy to help us create the best possible product. We want everyone to share their knowledge with one another: experts, teachers and students alike. For the past 25 years, at the cooperative and in partnership with Avize Viti Campus, we have strived to place sustainable development at the heart of our initiatives. With this in mind, we have decided to implement technical, economic, social and environmental upgrades to benefit future generations. Our material and human resources mean that we are able to teach students the various techniques used in Champagne. These include pruning, treatment methods and how to work in a fermenting facility. Integrated vineyard and cellar management means that the students of Avize Viti Campus are able to monitor quality at all the stages of the champagne-making process. In our champagne house, our students learn about the best production practices, techniques and equipment, which allows them to be best equipped for the future.