les originels
voyage 360

Made from the three grape varieties of Champagne – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier – grown in 42 different crus, our cuvée Voyage 360 will take you on a sensory adventure through Champagne. This wine is the perfect embodiment of our region and the work of our cooperative’s student members. Voyage 360 will not fail to introduce you to the variety of Champagne’s numerous crus!

Sizes available: Standard bottle & magnum

les originels
générosité noire
blanc de noirs

Générosité Noire is a warm and generous wine that will fill your palate with aromas of yellow, stewed fruits. Made from black grapes – which account for 70% of Champagne’s vineyards – this cuvée displays the diversity and generosity of the terroirs of Champagne. Thanks to the roundness of the Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes from which it is made, Générosité Noire can be enjoyed with any meal.

Sizes available: Half-bottle, standard bottle & magnum

les originels
terroir natal

The village of Avize – classified as Grand Cru – is the birth terroir of Champagne SANGER. There, Chardonnays thrive as they benefit from the favourable exposures of the Côte des Blancs. This Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru is typical of Chardonnay wines made from grapes grown on limestone bedrock.

Sizes available: Half-bottle, standard bottle, magnum & jeroboam

les originels
tango paradoxe

In this cuvée, the angularity of the Chardonnays blends seamlessly with the creaminess and roundness of the Pinot Noirs, resulting in a perfect balance. Dancing the tango is both dynamic and elegant. So is the interaction between these two varieties’ juxtaposing characteristics as they marry beautifully to create an audacious rosé. What a (Tango) Paradoxe! In the mouth, be ready to experience a burst of red fruit and the elegance of Chardonnay.

Standard bottle

les millésimes
pères d'origines
millésime - grand cru

This cuvée is made from Chardonnays (50%) and Grands Crus Pinot Noirs (50%). It is our Founding Fathers
who contributed these crus when they created our cooperative. That is why we decided to name this cuvée in
their honour: Pères d’Origines (meaning ‘Founding Fathers’).

Sizes available: Standard bottle Vintage 2009/magnum Vintage 2010

les millésimes
triangle minéral
millésime - grand cru
blanc de blancs

This cuvée’s minerality is characteristic of Champagne’s terroir and shines through in a remarkable triple combination called ‘the Mineral

Triangle’ (a single grape variety picked from a single plot in a single year). This exceptional vintage from Avize Viti Campus’s vineyard is the quintessential mature Chardonnay.

Sizes available: Standard bottle Vintage 2009/magnum Vintage 2010

les millésimes

Louise-Eugénie Puisard was the generous benefactor whose donation founded the Avize Viti Campus school.
In her time, wines would have been aged in oak barrels. That is why we decided to name this cuvée in her honour. It is made from Chardonnay (60%), Pinot Noir (20%) and Meunier (20%) and it is barrel-aged.

Sizes available: Special bottle Vintage 2010

les oubliés
les oubliés
millésime -2002

Champagne SANGER possesses a collection of extremely rare historical Grands Crus Chardonnays. Over time,
each generation of Cellar Masters has revered and cared for this treasure. Every year, SANGER’s Cellar Master
selects 500 bottles of a Vintage Blanc de Blancs from the village of Avize and places them in the Caveau des
Oubliés (the Forgotten Cellar) where they will be preserved. This treasure trove was gifted to us by the Puisard
family and it is now the hiding place for SANGER’s Chardonnays from the village of Avize. Its vaults, which
support five metres of chalk above them, offer the ideal and constant temperature for great vintages to age.

Sizes available: Special bottle Vintage 2002/2004/2010